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Club Union of Composers

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March, 12th


JAM Club

Beginning at 20:30

Admission 500 roub.

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The album

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This is the first album of the Che Guevara Band project recorded between May and September 2002 over three stages in three studios: 

1. Rhythm section (guitar, bass guitar, keyboard and drums): Chogun Records studio
2. Brass instruments (three flutes, trumpet, alto saxophone, baritone saxophone and clarinet), accordeon and back vocal: Alexander Belonosov's studio
3. Lead vocal: Turne studio 

The album was put together and mastered at Alexander Belonosov's studio; Alexander is also the musical co-producer of the Superposición 2000 and Victoria albums. 

An accordeonist from the Vivaldi orchestra, Honoured Artist of the Russian Federation Irina Strom, was invited to take part in the recording. 

At the time, the Che Guevara Band had 12 musicians playing in concerts. 


Listen and download fragments of songs from the Victoria album here


01. Tema

2.4 MB1:20 min
02 Abusadora

1.6 MB0:53 min
03. La Bamba

2.2 MB1:12 min
04. HastaSiempre

3.9 MB2:07 min
05. Caminando

3.5 MB1:55 min
06. Cachita

3.1 MB1:41 min
07. El Tiempo

3.4 MB1:53 min
08. Cachito

2.9 MB1:35 min
09. Adios Muchachos

1.8 MB1:00 min
10. Tres Palabras

3.3 MB1:49 min
11. Chan_Chan

3.6 MB1:59 min
12. El Reto

3.8 MB2:04 min
13. El Venao

2.9 MB1:36 min
14. Tema

1.5 MB0:51 min