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March 2016

March, 6th


Club Union of Composers

Beginning at 20:30

Admission from 400 roub.


March, 12th


JAM Club

Beginning at 20:30

Admission 500 roub.

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The album

port superp When Abelardo was a child, he had a dream: to record an album playing more than one instrument at the same time. Naturally, this is not possible; the most one can do in the reality is sing and play either a guitar or a piano or percussion instruments.
Thanks to the "Superposición" technique (Spanish for multitracking) his dream has come true.
The album includes songs where Abelardo plays all the instruments, such as Samba De Una Nota, Bésame mucho, Canción del Mariachi, La Gota De Rocío, El Día Que Me Quieras etc. He recorded Ojos Malignos by using only his voice and imitating musical instruments and effects. In order to create such a one-man orchestra, he had to superpose various instrumental parts one over another 32 times!

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The album

port superp


This is the first album of the Che Guevara Band project recorded between May and September 2002 over three stages in three studios: 

1. Rhythm section (guitar, bass guitar, keyboard and drums): Chogun Records studio
2. Brass instruments (three flutes, trumpet, alto saxophone, baritone saxophone and clarinet), accordeon and back vocal: Alexander Belonosov's studio
3. Lead vocal: Turne studio 

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The album Partes de mi Vida


“Partes de mi Vida” is the first solo album by Pedro Alexander Alfonso López. The album includes three long duration author’s compositions for piano and one bonus track in which Abelardo Alfonso López performs his self-written miniature.

Pedro Alexander hopes that you’ll have an interesting journey to his inner world while listening this album.

The disk recording was executed in two steps:
– 29th of August 2004 in the Studio 23 (“Reflexiones” and “Mensaje del Corazón”).
– 26th January 2010 in the Secret Studio (“Un sueño realizado” and “Recuerdos futuros”).
The sound engineer - Dmitry Chuvelyov

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The album Caminos y Emociones


Che Guevara Jazz” is a unique jazz project with Latin American influences. The trio was founded in 2005 by Pedro Alexander Alfonso López in Moscow and unites the following musical instruments: piano and keyboard, electric contrabass or bass guitar, drums and various percussion.

“Caminos y Emociones” is the first album of the project, it includes 8 author's themes, each in original arrangement and one bonus video, made while the musicians were recording in the studio one of the compositions. There were some additional musicians invited to the recording: electro guitar in “Imarbys II”, flute and trumpet in “Cachaito Forever”, alto flute in “Baikal”, and flugelhorn in “Momentos”. This disk was recorded in February 2010 in the Dmitry Chuvelyov’s Secret Studio.

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DVD of the concert in MMDM


Live performance of the group Che Guevara JAZZ.
An author's solo concert at the Moscow International House of Music on April 5, 2012.
In the concert were performed compositions writen by Abelardo Alfonso López, Pedro Alexander Alfonso López,and co-authorship.

Musicians who participated:
Pedro Alexander Alfonso López - Piano, head of the group (Cuba)
Abelardo Alfonso López - Electro-acoustic doublebass (Cuba)
Over Serrano - Drums (Cuba)
Boris Anisimov - Flute, alt-flute and percussion (Russia)
Nick Sheffer - Alt and soprano saxophones (Latvia)
Alexandr Sokolovski - Trumpet and flugelhorn (Russia)

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Альбом "Dos Hermanos"

Давно братья Лопес мечтали издать альбом, в котором звучат авторские песни в танцевальных латино-афрокубинских стилях: Сальса, Меренге, Ча ча ча, Сон, Дансон, Тимба, Босса нова… Это была не просто мечта, ведь братья постоянно находятся в творческом процессе и интеллектуальная работа над альбомом началась много лет назад. Сейчас наконец представилось возможным осуществить давнюю мечту, и появился на свет альбом “Dos Hermanos”

Когда альбом начали писать в студии, братья не знали, что получится такой большой материал по длительности, который сравнивается почти с двойным альбомом. Тем не менее, было принято решение поместить всё в один диск продолжительностью в 1ч, 17м, 39с.

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