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March 2016

March, 6th


Club Union of Composers

Beginning at 20:30

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March, 12th


JAM Club

Beginning at 20:30

Admission 500 roub.

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The album Caminos y Emociones


Che Guevara Jazz” is a unique jazz project with Latin American influences. The trio was founded in 2005 by Pedro Alexander Alfonso López in Moscow and unites the following musical instruments: piano and keyboard, electric contrabass or bass guitar, drums and various percussion.

“Caminos y Emociones” is the first album of the project, it includes 8 author's themes, each in original arrangement and one bonus video, made while the musicians were recording in the studio one of the compositions. There were some additional musicians invited to the recording: electro guitar in “Imarbys II”, flute and trumpet in “Cachaito Forever”, alto flute in “Baikal”, and flugelhorn in “Momentos”. This disk was recorded in February 2010 in the Dmitry Chuvelyov’s Secret Studio.

Every participant of the trio Che Guevara Jazz tried to add to a sound the echo of his own Roads and Emotions. Hope you will enjoy our creative team work.

In this section you can “taste” and download some fragments of all the compositions from our new disk “Caminos y Emociones”.

Translated by Victoria "Ambienta" Nikolaeva



01. Socios - Pedro Alexander Alfonso Lopez

1.7 MB1:52 min
02. Varadero Beach - Abelardo Alfonso Lopez

1.3 MB1:25 min
03. Tres Hermanos - David Andrew Grout

2 MB2:10 min
04. Imarbys II - Abelardo Alfonso Lopez

1.8 MB1:56 min
05. Cachaito Forever - Abelardo Alfonso Lopez

2.7 MB2:58 min
06. Baikal - Abelardo Alfonso Lopez

2 MB2:09 min
07. Festival - Pedro Alexander Alfonso Lopez

2.1 MB2:16 min
08. Momentos - Pedro Alexander Alfonso Lopez

1.6 MB1:42 min


 Bonus track - Video