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March 2016

March, 6th


Club Union of Composers

Beginning at 20:30

Admission from 400 roub.


March, 12th


JAM Club

Beginning at 20:30

Admission 500 roub.

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The album

port superp When Abelardo was a child, he had a dream: to record an album playing more than one instrument at the same time. Naturally, this is not possible; the most one can do in the reality is sing and play either a guitar or a piano or percussion instruments.
Thanks to the "Superposición" technique (Spanish for multitracking) his dream has come true.
The album includes songs where Abelardo plays all the instruments, such as Samba De Una Nota, Bésame mucho, Canción del Mariachi, La Gota De Rocío, El Día Que Me Quieras etc. He recorded Ojos Malignos by using only his voice and imitating musical instruments and effects. In order to create such a one-man orchestra, he had to superpose various instrumental parts one over another 32 times!

The album also includes songs involving instruments Abelardo does not play, so we invited other musicians to record them.
The album was recorded in 2000 in Alexander Belonosov's studio.

Listen and download fragments of songs from the Superposición 2000 album here.



01. Babalu Aye

3.1 MB1:41 min
02. Samba de una nota

3.6 MB1:59 min
03. Ojos malignos

6.3 MB3:25 min
04. Yolanda

4.5 MB2:27 min
05. El taxi

2.5 MB1:22 min
06. Besame mucho

3.7 MB2:00 min
07. Arriba de la Bola

1.2 MB1:22 min
08.Cancion del Mariachi

1.2 MB1:20 min
09. Historia de un amor

1.9 MB2:05 min
10. Guantanamera

2.4 MB2:40 min
11. La Gota de Rocio

1.7 MB1:49 min
12. De madrugada

1.7 MB1:54 min
13. El Dia Que Me Quieras

1.8 MB1:55 min
14. Escuchame

1.9 MB2:07 min
15. Vereda tropical

1.5 MB1:37 min
16. Babalu Aye

2.3 MB2:29 min