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Here we tell you about the songs of Che Guevara band project!


Hasta siempre

Autor: Carlos Puebla
When have killed Che Guevara in 1967, it is a lot of composers from every part of world began to devote the work of art of his memory and have composed many songs about him. The Cuban musician Carlos Puebla who wrote more than ten songs about the great revolutionary, such as "Lo eterno" and most popular of all "Hasta siempre" was one of these composers.
The lyrics recount key moments of the Cuban Revolution, glorifying Che Guevara and his role as a revolutionary commandant. The song became iconic after Guevara's death, and many left-leaning artists did their own cover versions of the song afterwards. The title means farewell or so long in Spanish, and it implies that one may never see again the person who's been saluted.

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Chan Chan

The author of this song is Francisco Repilado (Compay Segundo), the well known Cuban singer, the participant of the project “Buena vista social club”.

The song relates the story of a man and a woman (Chan Chan and Juanica) who are building a house, and go to the beach to get some sand. Chan Chan collects the sand and puts it on the 'jibe'. Juanica shakes it, and to do so she shakes herself, making Chan Chan ashamed. The origin of this tale is a farmer song learnt by Compay Segundo when he was twelve years old.

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Besame Mucho

This song was composed by the 15-year-old Mexican girl - Consuelo Velázquez, she also is the author of other songs, among which “Amar y vivir”, “Que seas feliz” and "Cachito", which also entering into our repertoire. The song "Bésame mucho" in spite of the fact that in due course has turned to «a cheerful and incendiary song», actually it's very sad, farewell song, after all in it is sung: "We will leave, we will not meet any more, a kiss me strong and farewell...”
This song very melodious and consists in its simplicity its genius.

"Bésame Mucho" is also known by translated names such as "Kiss Me Much", "Kiss Me a Lot", "Kiss Me Again and Again"

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La bamba

"La Bamba" La Bamba is a traditional song of the Huasteca region, with greater attachment to the state of Veracruz, is the son jarocho genre and is known popularly as the anthem of Veracruz. Although there is a version circulated in the media business years popularized in 1958 by the singer of Mexican descent born in the U.S. Ritchie Valens. Son of bamba within its traditional context are a couple of calls to the dance a man and a woman, there are communities where the dance of two or more couples.

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«Guantanamera» is considered a national Cuban song! Everybody ask what «Guantanamera» means? So, there is a city in Cube, it calles  Guantanamo, and the girl who was born there, is called – guantanamera.
The history of this song – is very interesting!
It is a national song in spite of the fact that there are people who apply for its authorship. Several centuries ago, in Cuba there was a traditional genre which called "Son".

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Canción del Mariachi

There are a lot of different kinds of musical ensembles with different names, depending on tools which musicians play. In Mexico there are such ensembles where play violins, is very tasty is melodious being combined with pipes, to the accompaniment of several guitars of the different size and the register. One of them, huge, carries out contrabass function. These national traditional Mexican ensembles are called as "Mariachi". The song from a film "Desperate" (“Desperado”) has sounded performed by Antonio Banderas.

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This song was written by the same girl, the Mexican composer, who haв written a legendary “Besame mucho” - Consuelo Velázquez. “Cachito” was performed by well known American singer Nathaniel Adams Cole (Nat King Cole). Certainly, this sing is about about love! “Cachito” it is translated as "a little part of something". In a song there are phrases: «you are a small part of me», «you are a little part of my heart», «you are the small piece of the sky, which God gave me», «you are a little piece of my soul», «you are a little piece, which I always dreamt about».

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