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Chan Chan

The author of this song is Francisco Repilado (Compay Segundo), the well known Cuban singer, the participant of the project “Buena vista social club”.

The song relates the story of a man and a woman (Chan Chan and Juanica) who are building a house, and go to the beach to get some sand. Chan Chan collects the sand and puts it on the 'jibe'. Juanica shakes it, and to do so she shakes herself, making Chan Chan ashamed. The origin of this tale is a farmer song learnt by Compay Segundo when he was twelve years old.

Alto Cedro voy para Macané
Llego a Cueto voy para Mayarí  

El cariño que te tengo
No te lo voy a negar
Se me sale la babita
Yo no lo puedo evitar

Cuando Juanita y Chan chan
En el mar cernían la arena
Como sacudía el jibe
A Chan chan le daba pena

Limpia el camino de paja
Que yo me quiero sentar
En aquel tronco que veo
Y así no puedo llegar
I'm going from Alto Cedro to Macané
Then from Cueto, I'm going to Mayarí  

The love I have for you
I cannot deny
My mouth is watering
I just can't help myself

When Juanita and Chan Chan
Sifted sand together on the beach
How her bottom shook and
Chan Chan was aroused!

Clean the dry sugar cane leaves
from the path
So I can get to that trunk
I want to sit down.