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March 2016

March, 6th


Club Union of Composers

Beginning at 20:30

Admission from 400 roub.


March, 12th


JAM Club

Beginning at 20:30

Admission 500 roub.

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Abelardo Alfonso López


Writes and arranges music. Plays the guitar, piano and percussion instruments. He also sings, teaches music and plays the flute. Leader of the Che Guevara Band project.  

Born in Havana, Cuba on 20th January 1971.  

Since his early childhood he has been surrounded by music because most of his family are professional musicians. No one knows who was the first musician in the family. His paternal grandfather, Abelardo Alfonso Domech, played the tres (a Cuban folk string instrument), guitar, contrabass and percussion; he also sang. When he was a young man, he could play at a party on his own all night and his voice could be heard from far away.


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Pedro Alexander Alfonso López

A pianist, composer, arranger and jazz musucian. Teaches music. Founder and leader of the Che Guevara Jazz project.  

Born on 29th June 1975 in Havana, Cuba. Being from a famous musical family, he has been surrounded by music since childhood.  The family patriarch, Pedro's maternal grandfather Orestes López is a great Cuban composer, the creator of the mambo style and the founder of the cha cha cha; he could play virtually any musical instrument. Pedro Alexander chose the piano; this is what he studied at the Guillermo Tomás music school and then at the Amadeo Roldán music school. In 1994, he graduated as pianist and piano teacher.

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