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March 2016

March, 6th


Club Union of Composers

Beginning at 20:30

Admission from 400 roub.


March, 12th


JAM Club

Beginning at 20:30

Admission 500 roub.

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López JAZZ

(Che Guevara Jazz)

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 This project is dedicated to playing jazz with Latin American  and Afro Cuban influences.


The band consists of three musicians: 

Pedro Alexander Alfonso López: piano and keyboard (he is the leader of the band)
David A. Grout: drums and percussion.
Abelardo Alfonso López: electric contrabass and bass guitar. 

The trio mostly plays Latin jazz. 
Time of performance: 60 to 90 minutes; the repertoire is about three hours of music. 

Besides concerts, we can also play background music and create a nice atmosphere for people to mingle and chat. 

Our repertoire includes our own music and traditional jazz hits.

The Project

This project was founded by Pedro Alexander Alfonso López in 2005. 

As with the Che Guevara Band, the first rehearsal also took place on 14th June, on the birthday of the Comandante, but four years later. This is when the brothers realised that it was a sign and not a simple coincidence! This is why we did not hesitate for a moment to call the project  “CHE GUEVARA JAZZ”. 

Initially, the idea of the project was that of a trio: piano + keyboard, electric contrabass + bass guitar and drums + percussion; in the future, however, we are planning to sometimes invite a trumpetist, a saxophonist or someone playing some other brass instruments, dependent on the nature of the music. 

The group plays traditional jazz standards in Latin American and Afro-Cuban arrangement (On Green Dolphin Street, Humpty - Dumpty, Giant Steps, Watch What Happens, All The Thigns You Are, Mambo Influenciado and others); our  repertoire mostly consists of our own Latin jazz compositions. 

Our music combines the following styles salsa, bossa nova, swing, samba, balada, timba, cha cha cha and many other genres, which come together to form a very interesting kind of music. 

Che Guevara Jazz took part in the international jazz festival which was held in the Mir Hall on Tsvetnoy Boulevard, Moscow, on 17th December 2005. 

Che Guevara Jazz currently plays in various jazz and other clubs, in concert halls, at various parties and cultural events. 

We continue giving concerts and are planning to record our first album of original music.